Zero-prep stews

I love my slowcooker — we try to eat a stew every week. Most slowcookers are advertised as time-saving devices: you just toss everything in the slowcooker, turn it on and then go about your business. Which is true, in a way — but most recipes require quite a bit of prep-work: slicing and dicing meat and vegetables, pre-browing the meat, etcetera. That’s more work than I have to do for a typical meal!

So a week ago I experimented with a ‘zero-prep stew’. It’s not completely zero-prep, but close enough! You will need:
– 4 chicken legs;
– 500 gram of pre-cut soup greens (I used pea-soup greens);
– Packet of sieved tomatoes (500gr);
– Herbs and spices;
– Splash of red wine.

I skinned the legs and pre-browned the meat a bit, and then I stacked it all into the slowcooker: first the meat, then the greens. ingiechan made a selection from our extensive library of herbs and spices, we added the wine and as last we poured the tomato-stuff all over it.
It turned out quite nicely, with not too much moisture. And as always, the meat just fell off the bone — just how we like it.

Yesterday, I tried out making a beef rogan josh stew, with diced onions and tomatoes, but the tomatoes gave off so much moisture that the taste of the curry itself was muted beyond recognition. Not a recipe for the slowcooker, then!