Nobilis case

One of the lessons in the bookbinding course was the making of a case for a book. A hardcover book, with a round spine — a book that is worth to be housed in a case. Looking through my bookcase (pun intended), I noticed I didn’t have that many hardcovers. But one of the few that I have, caught my eye: the Great White Book edition of the Nobilis RPG. A very attractive book, almost square in size, white, with a photo of the Sphinx Mysterieux of Charles Verstappen on the cover. Sure that book deserves to be in a case! (The Wiki article on Nobilis has a photo of the (front of the) cover.)

One of the tricks we learned was to make a round indentation so that you can easily grasp the book when taking it out of the case. But that would mean that you’d grab the book by the lips of the statue, so to speak — and the most striking feature of the cover is the face of the statue. So I decided to cut out the face, so that you’d see it from outside of the case — a decision I came to regret later… I did have a beige-like linen in stock, so I decided to use that for the outside of the case.
Using a caliper, I took the measurements of the book. This has to be precise on a tenth of a millimeter: you want a case that fits snug, but not too snug: you have to get the book out of the case too! But if you line the inside of the case with paper (which I did), then you have to take the thickness of the paper into account as well! That means lots of calculations (hooray for spreadsheets!) and very, very precise cutting and glueing.


I’m quite proud of the end result. It’s quite unique, which also presented me with unique challenges. I learned a lot from this. And my bookbinding teacher was satisfied with the result too!