Wedding album

Our colleague Jeroen was getting married to his beloved Elise, and we were invited! The gift suggestion was an envelope with money — very practical, something we did for our own wedding as well. But I wanted to give a personal gift as well — but I was quite sure that they weren’t waiting for well-meant junk. So we offered to make them a reception album.
At our wedding, we had a notebook lying around, and of course it’s very nice to have people write and draw in it — but at the end of the day, it’s still only a notebook. By offering a hand-bound reception album, we could give this particular aspect of their wedding a bit more ‘cachet’. And Jeroen and Elise liked the idea, so off we went.
Their invitation consisted of red text on white paper, folded in a dark-grey envelope. The envelope had a red metallic foil stamp on it as well. We looked at our extensive collection of paper, and found that we could match those colors for the book and the book box that we were going to make for it. We did have to order red metallic foil, but once that was in, I could put their names (in the same font as on their invitation!) in red foil on the front of the box.

I’m too lazy to re-upload all the photos and translate all the text. It’s all on, along with more (Dutch) explanation.

They liked it, and that’s why we did it. And yes, we also made a reception album for the upcoming wedding of luna_puella, but that one is very different from this one. (And of course I’ll upload photo’s of that one after the wedding too!)