Campaign started

This past Wednesday was the first session of my RPG campaign, set in the Streamdales. It took a bit of time to explain how things ‘worked’ in the daily lives of the characters, but soon they received a mission to find out why a trading house feels the need to build a fortification to house their distribution activities. (Not much was accomplished right then, but the stage is set for the characters to start their investigation.)

During the preparations and the session itself, I found that I wanted to present maps of the setting to the players, but I hadn’t had time to properly map out their surroundings. I’ve used Autorealm for the map in the setting booklet, which resulted in a barely readable map.
Not satisfied with that, I looked around for mapping software again, and again came to Campaign Cartographer, which is a re-tooling of a CAD program to produce maps. I watched the video tutorials, and I was very impressed with the result one could get with just a few clicks of the mouse. klik reminded me that I hadn’t gotted any Sinterklaas or Christmas presents last year, so there was budget…

And so I bought their ‘Fantasy Mapper’ bundle, which also includes extensions to map cities and dungeons. I’m currently working my way through re-making the Streamdales map in CC, to learn the program. I’m looking forward to mapping out the rest of the setting.