It seems like I have to retract my previous post — now I’m using something else to post to Twitter from the kliktikfix website.

After the posting to Twitter was done, I proposed to include a thumbnail of the photo in both the RSS feed and the Twitter post. Resizing images with PHP is not much of a problem, and including an -tag in the RSS feed is trivial. But uploading media to Twitter seems to be impossible with the Twitter library I was using.
Searching around, I came across this entry on StackOverflow, which pointed me to the Codebird library. (This is the PHP version, there’s also a Javascript version.)
Codebird does allow uploading media along with a status, so I changed the feed-mechanism once again to make use of it.

Today’s entry is online: it has both a photo and a haiku, and I’ve activated the new feed mechanism in time for the 21:00 cron job. It ran without a hitch — so there’s now thumbnails on Twitter and in the RSS-feed, which is syndicated here on LJ as kliktikfix!