Picking apples

There’s a apple/pear/cherry orchard near the city that has annual apple picking days on Saturdays in September. Often, the first Saturday of October is also a picking day, but apparently they changed their mind and today was the last day to pick. It’s been some kind of annual thing for us: nothing like having some fresh apple pie filling in the freezer, or having bottles of applesauce on tap, and picking the apples straight from the tree really adds something to the experience. Also, it’s cheap: only 1 euro per kilo of apples, and the people doing the weighing don’t mind rounding down your your total either…
So we went today, despite the rainy weather. Added benefit: it wasn’t that crowded, and there was ample parking space! Downside: if you reach up to pick an apple from higher up the tree, the rain drips right into your coat-sleeve… But on the upside, because we’re late in the season, the delicious Pinova breed was ripe, so we got to pick some of those too!
In the end, we got more than 20 kilos of apples. Some Pinova, but most of them Jonagold, for pies and apple-sauce! We also shopped in their store with lots of regional products — some really tasty stuff they have.

Apple picking pics!

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