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I play a fair amount of RPGs through video chat. It’s ideal: you don’t have to leave the house, and you can play with people you otherwise wouldn’t even be able to play with due to distance!
However, I have been struggling with the lighting situation at my desktop. Our study gets quite dark: we never turn on the ‘big’ lights for the whole room, because the dimmer makes a very irritating buzzing sound — as if there are large flies swirling around your head. But we don’t need that much light ourselves anyway: we have desk lamps that take care of that, and the monitors are bright enough. But if you’re using a webcam and the only lighting is your monitor, then you get this sickly pale blue hue in the face. And part of a good roleplaying game is to be able to see the expressions and mannerisms of the other players as they portray their character.
So the search was on for a light that is bright enough to illuminate my whole face, but also diffused enough not to blind me. I got a LED desk lamp with adjustable brightness and both ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ light, and that helped a bit — but not wholly.
So when I saw that Ikea was selling LED panels, I was interested. And looking at them in-store convinced me that it might be the right solution for this particular problem. So we bought the smaller one (the 30×30 cm Floalt) along with a cord that would allow us to hook it up to a wall socket. All that was needed was to find a way to get it onto my desk, above my monitor.

The result

I’m quite pleased with it!

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