Believable maps

A few years ago, I invested heavily in the software from Profantasy, mainly their Campaign Cartographer product, the add-ons for creating cities and dungeons, and a lot of their Annuals which introduce new styles and techniques. At the base it is a CAD program, with some map-focused drawing tools, an art library and some effects to make really pretty maps. Not having any appreciable artistic talent, having the art part of making maps being automated really works for me.
But I never was able to produce a map that felt believable to me. I lack the geography knowledge for that. I mean, I know that rivers flow downhill from mountains to the sea and that they very rarely split, and all that. But making a mountain range that is believable with respect to its location on a continent and things like that? Nah, I don’t know how to do that.

So when I saw an article in my feeds about how mountains affect rainfall, I was very interested. I mean, I do know every fact laid out in that article, but to combine it all into a ‘rule’ for planning out your map is what’s new for me.
The author of the article has published/is publishing a set of books on worldbuilding, and the second volume is about making maps. I’ll be picking that one up as an ebook very soon!

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