The “interbellum” of Middle-Earth

You might have seen the announcement that Amazon is going to create a multi-season “TV” series based on the Lord of the Rings. (If indeed it can be called ‘TV’ because it will be on their Prime video-on-demand service.)

What I find interesting is that the series will be set after the events portrayed in The Hobbit, but before Frodo sets out in The Fellowship of the Ring. Because that is exactly the default setting for the The One Ring RPG, one of my favourite RPGs at the moment. They have brought out some excellent sourcebooks with background information, as well as some collections of scenarios.
Most notable, there is The Darkening of Mirkwood, which is a really epic campaign about the events in Mirkwood during that time. There’s lots of good stuff in there, and if Amazon is smart, they’ll do something like that.

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