PS3 streaming

I tend to resist buying games for full price these days: I still have a lot of great unplayed stuff lying around.
But Ni no Kuni II makes my little weeb heart flutter: back when the first game came out for PS3, I even bought the Wizards Edition, with the hardcover spell book and the plushie. So I checked out a stream for a little bit, and it immediately became apparent that indeed that is a game I very much want to play. So I stopped watching streams so as to not s(p)oil myself!
I mentioned this on a Discord server I hang out on, and a friend mentioned that they’d watch me stream both the first and the new game. So I thought: “Well, I do have the first game, all it takes is to hook up my PS3 to the capture device and off we go!” But of course the PS3 has that dreadful copy protection thing going on. So on a gamble, I got a HDMI splitter for about 8 euros from China that mentioned the copy protection thing in the description of the item. It took three weeks to get here (as such things do), and sure enough: the protection is stripped off by the splitter, so I can feed the PS3 video to my capture device!
Sunday, I cleaned off part of my desk and moved the PS3 to my desk, and did an intense session of closet-diving to find the game back. It’s still in the original box, with everything intact. (Now I wonder why I shelled out for the Wizard’s Edition if it only ends up at the back of a closet somewhere — the plushie was still in the plastic…)
So I hooked everything up, but… I have no audio. I could hook up a bluetooth or USB headset to the PS3 with no problem, but those are only allowed as a communication device, not to stream the game audio over them. And I could, perhaps, hook something together to make use of the capture device’s audio feed, but that has a 0.8 second delay, and that will undoubtedly drive me nuts! I would need a TOSlink-to-analog converter to actually hear the game I’m playing. Those devices are available, and for about 7 euros I can order one from China, but that adds another three weeks before I could start. All of that to play a game I have already finished…?

So I got really frustrated and bought Ni no Kuni II on Steam and installed it. Today I started streaming the game, and it’s so beautiful! There are some cool parallels with the first game. It’s a lot of fun so far, but there are quite a few systems to absorb in a relatively short time, so we’ll see how that works out in the longer run.

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