Fire Emblem Heroes

Yesterday, I installed Fire Emblem Heroes out of idle curiosity. I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game — I do know that they’re tactical RPGs, and I did see someone stream Awakenings. I’m not big on tactical RPGs, because I tend to do bad at them, but surely a little mobile game wouldn’t be so bad?
The backstory of the game is nuts: the idea is that someone is opening portals to the worlds of all the different worlds where the Fire Emblem games are set, and all those heroes are forced to fight, in order to invade ‘our’ world/kingdom. You assemble teams of 4 heroes, and a battle is indeed a tactical fight, similar to the games — except much smaller in scope because of the reduced team size and because the map has to fit on a cellphone screen!
There is a lot of artwork, which I assume is all recycled from the games: all very detailed and with lots of the usual anime aesthetic. The sprites are quite cute too!
You can get more heroes by summoning them, which costs ‘orbs’. You earn orbs by completing maps, but of course you can also buy orbs — and of course I’m not doing that, they’re quite expensive!

So far, I enjoy it for some low-blood pressure games. I’m not sure how long it will keep me occupied, but we’ll see.

If you play the game too, send a Friend Request to ID 2742473216. Not sure what that actually does, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.

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