Pokemon GO

We have been going on little walks in the evening around our neighbourhood for a while now. There’s lots of greenery and parks around here, and we’re at the edge of the city, so we can just walk into the countryside if we go the other way. And then we thought that if we were going to walk anyway, we might as well have a little extra motivation and have a goal. So we installed Pokemon GO, and we have been playing quite a bit since. There are a lot of pokestops near us, and right behind our house is a Gym too!
Today we were visiting family, and when we got back home, around 20:00, we immediately packed up for our tour around the pokestops. When we approached one of the Gyms that are on our route, a pair of guys with their phones out were walking the other direction. And when we went to a pokestop somewhere in the middle of a residential street where nobody has any business being unless they live there, they were there too. Turned out that they were players too, and they asked us if we were there “for the raid” as well.
We had seen there was a raid going on with a super high level monster in the gym we passed, but of course we don’t have any hope of defeating that monster with just the two of us. Turns out that there is a Whatsapp group of Pokemon GO players in our part of the city, and they had coordinated to meet at that gym in about ten minutes later to battle that rare and super-strong pokemon.
So we made sure to be there at the designated time, and people were happy to have us on board — even though we’re total beginners and much weaker than almost everyone there. It was a good opportunity for us to gain some XP… In the end, there were 19 trainers (out of a maximum of 20) doing battle together, and we managed to bring the beast down! Whenever that happens, you get a number of special balls (determined by a few factors) to try and catch that pokemon that had been raiding the gym. Of course, being a low level doesn’t really help when trying to catch such a powerful pokemon, and indeed I did not succeed (though I did go from level 20 to 21 in one fell swoop)! But klik had more luck, and she managed to catch this mythical-level pokemon!
We were added to the group by the group admin, and then the rest went on to do a raid somewhere else, while we continued our round. The group is quite high-traffic, but if we can coordinate more things like that, it’ll be good fun!

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