Apple picking

We had our annual apple picking event at a local orchard yesterday! Every Saturday in September, the orchard is open for people to pick their own — and while they sell the apples really cheap, they are even cheaper when you pick them yourself! And of course, apples fresh off the tree are delicious!
We were joined by friends B & J and their dog. We finished up picking just in time before the rain set in in earnest, and then retired home to start baking apple pie.

Dressed for rain, enjoying an apple fresh off the tree.

We got two bags like these: one with Goudreinet (which goes all mushy when cooked) and one with Wellant. The bags were sponsored by the market leader for baking products, and you got a free package of their apple pie mix with every bag of apples. That was a first, but perhaps that was to mark the occasion of the national fruit picking day. I don’t think we’ve had that before, but I don’t think we’ve been there at the ‘main’ day before. It wasn’t extra busy, but that must have also been because of the bad weather that was

First pie. It fell apart after cutting it up, but that didn’t really detract from the taste!

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