Friday Five: History

1. Is there a particular historical period or event, anywhere in the world, that fascinates you?
The birth of the computer during WW2 is fascinating, and it gets more fascinating the more I learn about it.

2. Would you like to visit that time, or live in it permanently, or does the whole idea make you want to run screaming?
I’d rather not live in a time when a few fascist states dragged the whole world into war while setting out on a campaign of genocide. So, no.

3. What’s the best piece of historical writing, nonfiction or fiction, you’ve ever read?
Robert van Gulik’s Judge Dee novels are excellent. They’re good representations of life in Tang dynasty China (the books are kept in print by the university of Chicago, where the books are compulsory reading for their China studies program). But apart from that, they’re cool mysteries too!

4. What’s the worst?
Dunno. I don’t finish bad books.

5. Is there a historical site you would love to visit?
Ise Grand Shrine is still on my list. Maybe next time we visit Japan.

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