Unexpected Topics meme

Let’s do a curious unexpected topics meme.
Those who wish to participate will say so, and I will give them three topics, or spheres of interests, which I think they are not interested in, or maybe I would be even surprised to learn that they have an affinity with.
It would be curious to learn who will be more surprised, those who hear what people think they are not interested in or cannot do, or those who learn that their expectations of people are either incorrect or spot on.

I got my topics from tabular_rasa:

I’ve read a bit of fanfiction, but I can’t say it’s much of a factor in my life. Unless you consider the ‘fiction’ that emerges from a roleplaying game in a setting that existed before the RPG as fanfiction — then I’m a huge fanfiction (co-)author! I’ve played in Star Wars, Star Trek and a really large number of Middle-Earth games. I’ve preserved some of it in the form of session reports, which are kind-of like fanfiction — though written more with the intent to record what happened rather than make a story that is pleasing to read.

Opera (the music/performance genre)
I’m not a big fan, because I have trouble following the narrative. I’m apparently big on narrative, and if I have to read a book that explains it to me before I go see the opera itself, then there is not really a point in me going to see it.
We visited a lot of castles in Bavaria in 2016, and some of the most memorable ones were built by King Ludwig II. Ludwig was a big fan of the operas of Wagner, and it shows. Most impressive was the ‘reproduction’ (for lack of a better word) of the Venus Grotto from the opera Tannhauser at Linderhof castle. I find it fascinating that someone can be so inspired by something that does not really factor for me.

From the road, the area where we live in seems like mostly concrete and stone, but in between the houses is a lot of park-land, with a lot of ponds that are all connected. There’s quite a few people fishing there, some with gear that looks pretty ‘professional’ to me. I know there are quite big fish in the ponds: once I saw a guy posing with a huge carp next to the edge of the pond — presumably just caught.
I don’t like fishing, but I do see the appeal of being quiet and sitting still, alone with your thoughts. Some of the fishers that I see around the ponds are in groups, drinking beers, and I kinda see the appeal there too — but that has little to do with fishing itself.

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