#5: Space
Reading the other answers to this question, there seem to be three interpretations of this term, and I’m going to answer for all three of them.

The first is ‘space’ as in: outer space. I’ve never played much sci-fi RPGs — and the ones I did play did not ‘feel’ very sci-fi. Mostly, space is merely a backdrop for the adventure, and you don’t have to deal with all the iffy aspects of travelling through space. Most recently, I’ve played Star Trek Adventures — I’m not even counting Star Wars, because that’s more fantasy than sci-fi.
Something like Transhuman Space would be fun to get to the table, because there the vastness of space is the whole point of the setting, but I don’t know anybody who would run it. And my priorities for games to run myself lie elsewhere.

The second is ‘space’ as in: the physical space. I used to do a lot of gaming at friends’ homes, but that has largely been replaced by playing online — using Roll20 for character sheets and dice rolls; and (mostly) Zoom for video chat. Which means I tend to play at my desk, with all the comforts that are available there.

The third is ‘space’ as in: metaphorical space. It used to be that I wanted to hear myself talk, because I thought I had Things To Say — both in and out of games. I’ve mellowed out quite a bit with age (like you do), and I quite enjoy listening to the antics of the other players. I do not crave the role of a leader, and I enjoy giving others the space to explore the game and their characters.
There’s one thing that I have not been able to shake. If there is some kind of plot, then I will stay on-track and will try to keep the others on-track as well. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had multiple campaigns where the whole group looked at me to tell them what should happen next. Even if I try not to take on that role in a group, I somehow end up doing it anyway.

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