RPGaDAY 16 & 17

If I had my way, I’d be playing Breath of the Wild just 24/7. It’s the same kind of experience I had with Skyrim: behind every corner there’s something to find, there are all kinds of small stories to discover…
Anyway, let’s catch up with RPGaDAY!

#16: Dream
Dream sequences of a character are a powerful way for the GM to give information to the players. But they have to be used in moderation, because the novelty wears off quickly: ‘dream logic’ is different from ‘game logic’, and as a player I always get annoyed when I can’t interact with things in the game in the way the game intended. So the idea is to use them sparingly, also to preserve their dramatic effect.
I think I’ve used a dream sequence only once, in a scenario based on Tanith Lee’s “Companions on the Road” — the book has a powerful dream sequence too, and when I used that on a player, they got shivers when they discovered what it meant…

#17: One
The one thing that would make my RPG’ing life better (ok, maybe one of the things…) then that would be a semi-local RPG convention that was fully scheduled and that offered a diverse set of games to play with a diverse set of people. I’ve been to a few Ambercons, and I always enjoyed those, but then we sort-of drifted away from the Amber DRPG — and the timing (a weekend in July, which constrains vacation planning) and the costs added up.
But if there was a con that I could reasonably drive to, with a schedule that you could book for in advance, then that’s certainly something I’d be interested in…

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