#RPGaDAY 6: Forest

Day 6 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Forest’.

Of all the fantasy tropes, dark foreboding forests that nobody returns from remains my favourite. It features in most of my adventures, which I only realised after creating a few outlines for scenarios. I’m not entirely sure where this came from — certainly not from personal experience at a young and impressionable age since all the forests (if you even can call them that) in the Netherlands started out as production forests (the coal mines in the south needed timber for supports) and are thus quite ordered and neatly arranged.
That’s very unlike the forests in fairy tales, which are dark and deep and filled with all kinds of terrifying creatures. I remember one night we were staying at an inn in Nikko, at the bank of the river. We had booked dinner as well (dining options are few in the countryside) and that was at another building (I think we were staying at the dnnex of the main inn). On our way back, it was so quiet and dark, and we were closed in by mountains on all sides, with forests hugging the slopes. That’s the kind of fairy tale forest that you may enter by day, but that’s unknown and dangerous at night.
A large part of the draw of RPGs for me is to discover new and previously-unknown things. A forest is the ideal place to hide them from view, until someone is brave enough to go there…

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