#RPGaDAY 14: Banner

Day 14 of #RPGaDAY 2020. Today’s prompt is ‘Banner’.

One of the medieval tropes is heraldy: being able to identify knights by their shields or banners, and recognizing servants because they wear their patron’s livery. Oddly enough, it’s never really come up in any of my games. It might be mentioned in the text of an adventure, but the only game where there is explicit (and quite extensive) support for player heraldry is King Arthur Pendragon — for obvious reasons.
Maybe that’s something to think about: how would the population recognise the party? Do they have a sigil that is known everywhere, and where do they wear it? What about forging your liveries to look like another group? Identity management is not really a plot point in most scenarios or campaigns, but imagine the party returning to their patron for payment for a mission on their behalf, and being told that the funds had already been entrusted to a messenger in their livery who said they were sent to collect the payment!

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