RPG-a-Day 23: Memory

Today’s RPG-a-Day prompt is ‘Memory’.

One of the most interesting things about thinking back to the many adventures I had in RPGs, is that the rules rarely feature. Ok, improbable dice rolls are memorable because they produce memorable results, but it’s the results that count.
An RPG is a set of procedures that result in a narrative: the players (and in this sense, the GM is very much a player too) input their creativity and use the rules to create a result — it’s like a little machine that way. I enjoy a lot of aspects of RPGs: being together with friends, doing something fun, seeing what they come up with, using rulesets and roll funny dice, managing characters and making decisions. But what sticks in my mind, ultimately, is the narrative. The story that comes from using the ‘RPG machine’, that goes in unexpected directions or is funny or exciting. That’s the stuff that sticks in my memory.

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