Last Friday Five of 2021

1) What was the biggest thing that happened to you in 2021?
Playtesting my cyberpunk RPG scenario International Waters with two groups (one veteran players, one newbies) that gave me lots of good (and positive) feedback was really fun. And it resonated with buyers: it is my bestseller to date.

2) Where was the most exciting place you went?
We didn’t go that many places. I guess the annual vacation trip to Texel was the highlight — also because new rules concerning vaccination and indoor seating went into effect when we were there.

3) Who helped you the most this year?
Klik, of course.

4) What’s your favorite new thing you bought?
I think it must be my Raspberry Pi 4, which I use as a low-power desktop machine. Though getting a permanent contract was nice too 🙂

5) What was your most memorable entry?
I don’t think most of my entries are that memorable. I seldom want to make a sweeping statement, nor have there been any earth-shattering developments in my life this year. My life has been slow, steady and boring.

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