I’m really glad that cthani agreed to be one of my best men at the wedding. I was a bit worried: in an entry he wrote about having mixed feelings attending a wedding of a colleague, and I can fully understand why. That’s why I was very careful not to make him feel forced to agree: if he wasn’t up to it, I would have asked my sister.
But he didn’t even have to think about it: he agreed immediately.

Thanks man.

So here it is!

Behind a cut to protect the Prolog illiterate

It works in Strawberry Prolog, and prints out the first solution. If you want all solutions, just add process_permutation(T, Target). after write("for a total of "), write(Target), nl.

OK, what can I say? I’m a geek, and I love stuff like this.

It turned out that Björn and Gert were a bit late because they had cruised all over Utrecht in hopes of finding the new Harry Potter book — unsuccesfully. When they came to us and saw the book lying on the table they were a bit jealous, so Ingeborg took Gert to the supermarket where they still had 10 copies in stock. Result: One happy couple of book-owners.

We started off with Krypto, a game Catelijne brought with her. You get dealt five numbered cards and you have to construct a mathematical formula that results in a certain target number. The person who gets it first, wins a point. Of course, I completely suck at doing quick calculations, so I didn’t win a single point. Now I’m seriously considering using my recently re-found Prolog skills to write a program that solves problems of this kind for me, to prove to myself that I’m not a total idiot.
We also played Pueblo, which was new to our guests. It’s a fun game, but I haven’t been able to really work out a good strategy yet.

We didn’t know what to make for dinner (it must be vegetarian, no cheese, no nuts, no beans or soja — that pretty much removes everything we regularly make from the list), so we put out bread baking machine to good use: we baked three breads and made or bought an ungodly amount of salads, vegetables, sweets, cheeses, pates (both vegetarian and containing meat) etc. Everybody had a good meal to their own preferences/dietary requirements.

After a game of Cartagena and Machiavelli, people started leaving. But after a few minutes the phone rang again: Catelijne had borrowed her parents’ car, and both headlights didn’t work. She came back and we looked at it together. This wasn’t helped by the booklet of the car not being in the car (we had to cajole her father to tell us what we needed to know). When we finally had figured out how to get the lights out, we discovered that the right lamp wasn’t in the package of spare lamps that were in the car. We also tried changing the fuses, but that didn’t work either.
Some guy who came by helped us a bit. He theorised that it was the actual switch itself that was broken (because two fuses don’t blow at the same time, and two lights don’t burn out at the same time either — it’s too much of a coincidence). In the end, Catelijne stayed over.

Now we’re just chilling a bit. I love days like this.


So we went shopping for groceries (Björn and Gert and Catelijne are coming over, but we didn’t realise that during our weekly shopping run) and lo and behold: the new Harry Potter book was available in large quantities. Now, we do want that book, but it’s not so high on our list of priorities that we spent the night in front of the bookstores or something — we could wait.
But here it was… Normal price was 30 euros (frightfully expensive for a book, blame the monopolists!) but I took it for 10 euros less in exchange for 1000 airmiles.

And there was much rejoicing.

Thoughts on the Matrix

OK, now cthani has seen “The Matrix Reloaded” as well, it is time to post my thoughts on the Matrix universe.

Behind a cut to protect the innocent

Still, it’s a kick-ass action movie. 😉

Saturday morning Ingeborg had to work, so I slacked off all morning (though I did finish doing the dishes). That evening we had Noor’s birthday party in Zeeland (the village, not the province). It was fun in a laid-back sort of way, even though I hardly knew anyone. Afterwards, we went to my parents’ to spend the night there.

The next morning Ingeborg had an appointment with the girl next door, who gave her advice on makeup and stuff. I didn’t stick around for that, I had Astrid’s Amber campaign at noon. The session didn’t really flow well, though we did manage to pull off what we had worked so hard for: Thor actually signed the contract we had prepared. The Vanir and Amber are once again officially allies against Chaos.

It almost went too easy, but then Heimdall showed up: apparently the Ice and Fire Giants had struck a deal with the Svartalves: gates had been created all over Midgard, and giants were marching out. We quickly assessed the situation (who would have thought that Freya kept a map of Midgard handy?) and Freya explained how we could use her temples to transport troops all over Midgard.
The rest of the session was spent mobilising troops and ferrying them from one place to another. We had also split up, so there was little screen-time for all of us. I hadn’t slept too much (stayed up to watch the end of Total Recall and had to get up too early), and that didn’t help either.

Next session will start with Nikolai desperately trying to battle off the first unit of 40 (!) Ice Giants — and the rest of us is next.

When we got home, we discovered that Fields of Rock was still going strong in the Goffertpark. The wind was ‘right’, so we had to listen to the last bit of the festival — I was happy when it was over, at 23:00 (last song was Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’). Hardrock doesn’t do anything for me, and I would rather have slept at that time. I’m not too fit right now.

Oh, and that second game of Cartagena? I dealt Ingeborg and Babske a crushing defeat!

Ai Yori Aoshi

We’ve finished watching Ai Yori Aoshi today…

Spoilers within...

All in all, a 7.5 in my book.

We’ve also watched the first two episodes of Wandaba Style. Hilarious.


And of course, Ingeborg won. We’ve started another, not-quite-high-speed-but-still-briskly-paced game, which she had to begin. We’ll see…


OK, so now my weekend starts. It’s been a stressful week: we had lots of stuff to arrange, but we’ve managed somehow.
Tomorrow Ingeborg will have to work during the morning, perhaps I can use that time to fiddle around with various projects.

I have discovered that the CDR’s that I got from the HEMA are of questionable quality: it has happened twice now that a CDR turned out to be empty, instead of holding the digital fansub goodness it was supposed to contain. I will have to check each and every CDR to see if it still works. It might be hard to find those old episodes that I lost, but fortunately there are some people that still owe me some of their bandwidth…

I finished reading Rune, but the whole encounter mechanism gives me troubles. I think I’ll ask the mailing-list for advice. Basically, I want an encounter that provides a hook for the players to get into the Underground — via Elf territory.
I’m wondering whether Rune gets run in the way it was intended (with everybody running some encounters) — I suspect that in my would-be group, the burden of running will be put on me.
Another thought is to use the Rune mechanics in a different world, like, for instance, the world of Ragnarok (of the manga), or Middle-Earth.

Right now, we’re playing a high-speed game of Cartagena Online with Babske, along with chatting via MSN. Good fun. 8)