So, Continuum went really well, for some reason. I made a checklist of things to tell ’em, and I made handouts of the Maxims.
I started out with Robin (Manja’s character) having a Gemini (he asked whether he could span to a cup of coffee). The Mentor, Klaas Reidsma, knocked on the door to the kitchen, and out came a Senior Robin to bring his Junior a cup of coffee. The Senior also made the Junior write the Gemini down — a good opportunity for me to demonstrate Gemini’s.

As David Trimboli suggested, the learning of the rules is all done in-character, so there really was no need for me to overly prepare things in advance (which is good, because I’m an improvisational GM (I’m just too lazy to prepare too much in advance)). I think the players now ‘get’ the setting, which is pretty cool.
I did have to reference the rulebook a few times, especially for the explanation of the Spanner Box. Barry (Dirk’s character, the plumber) thought this was a liability: spanners with bad intentions could easily Frag you by switching the contents of the left and right parts of the box. So this gave me the opportunity to explain Frag and fixing it. It took four iterations over the same sample before everyone got it, but I’m pleased with the end result.

As a demonstration of how Spanning and the Yet works, I had a pizza delivery service at the door. The guy knew Barry’s name, and said that he had made it within half an hour, and unloaded his five pizza’s to Simon (Ingeborg’s character), who had answered the door. So after dinner, Barry spanned to the kitchen, half an hour Down, and used the phone there to call the pizza delivery service.

Of course, the rooms of the spanners had already been furnished — by themselves. Klaas put this in their Yet, to let them train with thinking four-dimensionally. Barry and Robin immediately went to their room to find receipts of the stuff they had bought prominently displayed. Simon went to his room also, but made the list by himself. Only Diederick (Rupert’s character) didn’t go to his room, I suspect to not burden his Yet.

Simon finished the quickest: he just spanned two days Down to his workplace (he works in restoring ancient furniture), filled his ‘bakfiets’ (is there even an English word for that?) with the stuff he had in his room, and went back to the Corner. He opened the door himself (another Gemini) so that he had two of himself to help bring the comfy chair upstairs. Then his Elder told him he’d bring the rest of the stuff upstairs, and the Junior was told to go back to help with the chair. A nice and short Gemini.

Barry spanned Down to Januari 2nd and went to Ikea to stock up (he already knew what to get, so he could go straight to the self-service warehouse). He met Robin when he went back to the Corner to unload his stuff. Robin needed a lift to get his stuff and Barry was all to happy to help his chrony.

Diederick took the longest: he visited three different stores and had to fiddle a lot with money (apparently Diederick has an expensive taste). He had to have things delivered too — I just fudged it a bit to not complicate matters too much.

We ended at 22:30. I need to get to grips with not overly burdening the Yets of the other characters: I was trying too hard to keep the characters ‘synchronised’. If I describe a scene for character A, and it doesn’t involve character B, then I need to make sure that character B never shows up at that precise Level. But if I describe the scene and it does involve character B, then I have burdened character’s B Yet with being there — even if B doesn’t know it.
This is a problem I will need to think about.

…because I haven’t done anything productive yet.
Ingeborg is numbering my CDR’s with fansubs, to put them in the new CD case from the Hema I got tuesday. It’s not fair to let her do all the work here, so I think I’ll start cracking on Continuum now.

Even though I have a day off (‘Hemelvaart’, celebrating Jesus’ ascension to heaven, don’t ask me why it’s an official day off here), I have some work to do: tonight the Continuum crew comes to play. I still have to figure out where to put the Corner, who will be the mentor and what he’ll tell them about Spanning.
I also need to finish the log of Astrid’s Amber session — I’m at page 3 of 6, so about halfway.

But instead, I’m idling: setting up my LiveJournal, chatting with Kosuke on IRC. Maybe it is because I’m a bit tired: didn’t sleep too well tonight (the room we slept in was a bit stuffy) and my back is getting bad again. I should just chill out for an hour or so, and then kick myself into gear: clean up the house and start preparing the Continuum session.