For some reason, I just don’t call my parents that often. But when I do, it’s always very pleasant to chat with them about all sorts of things. I really should call them more often.

My parents came over yesterday. My mom gave us the souvenirs she brought from Vietnam (those pressed incense sticks are really beautiful!), and showed me (ingiechan had her singing course) the pictures she took. I showed them the bed, and we had a chat about general subjects.

And then the subject turned to the electronics project I had described to my dad (a three-plate RGB-LED thing and an clock based on the 14-segment displays). He had trouble visualising what the end results would be.
So I showed him the displays in action (I wrote a small and quick program to let the display in the MACH F display any desired message), and I showed them an RGB LED stuck in the side of the plexi plate.

Then he turned to me, and asked: “Do I have to choose?” Heh. That certainly made my day.

So now I’m going to make the RGB-LED plexiglass thing. And I’ll be trying to make it with an aluminium frame, even though I have no idea how to work with aluminium… Does anybody have any hints or tips?

At least I have until his birthday, which is in early November. One month to go!