Spoiler Inside: Narita and back home

And that was the last of these entries!

Spoiler Inside: Fun in Tokyo
Spoiler Inside: Kawagoe and Asakusa
Spoiler Inside: Takasaki and Kawagoe
Spoiler Inside: Matsumoto
Spoiler Inside: More Fujikawaguchiko and some Kofu
Spoiler Inside: Why not have some more crappy selfies?
Spoiler Inside: More crappy selfies!

On vacation, I just take crappy selfies with my cellphone, leaving the serious photography to klik. She takes much better pictures anyway. So here’s the first part of a short report of our vacation, told in crappy selfies.

Spoiler Inside: Crappy selfies!

And that’s the first few days of our trip!

I like learning new things: I have broad interests and I enjoy expanding my horizons. And there are enough free online courses and MOOCs that it’s really easy to dip your toes into something new for free and without a lot of up-front commitment.

So the course “Japanese Culture Through Rare Books” is right up my alley, in the intersection of my interest in Japanese culture and history, and books/bookbinding/printing. I’m looking forward to learning all about this!