Texel 2019

It’s been quite a while since I posted on here. So why don’t I break the silence by showing you some photos I took from our trip to Texel last week? My mother in law had invited us (just like last year), and we stayed at the same camping in a ‘chalet’ (basically a trailer without wheels).

Spoiler Inside: Misc photos

We also went to the Beachcomber’s Museum, which exhibits stuff that was found on the Texel beaches (or literally robbed from beached ships!)

Spoiler Inside: Beachcomber museum

On our last day on the island, we went to the Slufter, a ‘national park’. The dunes have been dug away there, creating the original tidal flat landscape.

Spoiler Inside: De Slufter

Afterwards, we had a pancake lunch at De Cocksdorp, the northern-most village on the island. We had drove past there on our way to the lighthouse, but we hadn’t seen the village center itself. So we walked down the main street, all the way to the stairs over the dyke and onto the beach.

We had been eating out a few times, and in the village where we were staying, the restaurants are all quite… ‘touristy’. So basically merely okay food for a relatively high price — something you also saw reflected in the reviews guests had given. But we walked past the restaurant Topido in De Cocksdorp that I had seen earlier, which had consistently good reviews. It’s run by a couple, only nine tables, and they use locally sourced ingredients.
That evening, we would be going to the Indian place, but they only did take-out that day. So we suggested going to Topido, and luckily for us, they still had a table open!

Spoiler Inside: Texel-style fine dining

I think we’ll be eating there next year too — it was truly delicious.

Spoiler Inside: Narita and back home

And that was the last of these entries!

Spoiler Inside: Fun in Tokyo
Spoiler Inside: Kawagoe and Asakusa
Spoiler Inside: Takasaki and Kawagoe
Spoiler Inside: Matsumoto
Spoiler Inside: More Fujikawaguchiko and some Kofu
Spoiler Inside: Why not have some more crappy selfies?
Spoiler Inside: More crappy selfies!

On vacation, I just take crappy selfies with my cellphone, leaving the serious photography to klik. She takes much better pictures anyway. So here’s the first part of a short report of our vacation, told in crappy selfies.

Spoiler Inside: Crappy selfies!

And that’s the first few days of our trip!