Spoiler Inside: Narita and back home

And that was the last of these entries!

Spoiler Inside: Fun in Tokyo
Spoiler Inside: Kawagoe and Asakusa
Spoiler Inside: Takasaki and Kawagoe
Spoiler Inside: Matsumoto
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Spoiler Inside: Why not have some more crappy selfies?
Spoiler Inside: More crappy selfies!

On vacation, I just take crappy selfies with my cellphone, leaving the serious photography to klik. She takes much better pictures anyway. So here’s the first part of a short report of our vacation, told in crappy selfies.

Spoiler Inside: Crappy selfies!

And that’s the first few days of our trip!

I hardly left the house today, and decided to do some chores to prepare for our vacation. One of those is to brush up on the mailing list: I tend to write long(ish) reports each day which I send to a special e-mail list. Every time, I mail everyone on the list to see if they are interested in the reports of the coming trip — don’t want to spam people who are not interested! (I don’t post those reports on a blog somewhere, because I want to feel free to discuss very personal things in those reports.)

Something we’re going to do for the first time this year is to send quick snaps and small updates through WhatsApp. I’ve hired a ‘Pocket Wifi’, a device that is connected to the cellular networks and offers a wifi signal. So we should be able to use data on our devices during our whole trip. This makes it viable to just pop off a quick snap in between, which should be fun. We’ve made a read-only group, so that only the both of us can post — don’t want to have it devolve in a lot of pointless chatter.

I also updated the Raspberry Pi that I use as a VPN server, and installed all the client software on all devices that we will be using. This way, when we use public wifi signal, we can tunnel to our own Raspberry Pi — so there will be no way to eavesdrop on our communications.

Small chores, indeed, but important to us.